Surly Nate 3.8 Tyre wire bead

Surly Nate 3.8 Tyre wire bead

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We named this tire for our friend Nate, who is himself large and aggressive. A major departure from Endomorph and Larry’s more shoot-n-drift tread characteristics, Nate is a shred-your-face-off, run-over-anything, kung fu grip knobby tread pattern. Tall, widely spaced knobs are siped for added grip and compliance, which optimizes their grip. The knob’s wide spacing means they dig deep and still shed the crap you’re riding through. The tread is wrapped around the sides of the tire some, providing good knob contour even on very wide rims, which in turn allows good off-camber traction. 

  • Color: Tire colored
  • 3.8"
  • 27 tpi
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Phil - UK
Feedback on the Nate, Pugsley with Nate 3.8 on Back and Larry on front = UK. Always like directional front, paddle back. This tyre is the business, almost as if it has been designed for the UK climate Tested it on, Trail Centre, Mud, i.e. farmer’s fields & British bridleways, & so far no complaints, bike feels more positive, less spinning out on back, no wash out either if that makes sense? Rolling resistance is ok once up to speed, and for me not really noticeable from the off! Only have the beach / dunes / sand and pine woods left to test it on.
Richie salt - Newcastle upon Tyne
These were a huge step in fatbike technology, taking these bikes away from snow and sand and getting them into the thick of it! Used a set on a pugsley and a moonlander with great success, try them and be shocked at where these take you.