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I love skate and surf boards... been collecting scabs since 1977, and getting tubed since 1990, and can still skate vert pools at 40 something. And that my friends is why you have skateboards and surfboards in a bike shop.

Swanage, where my shop is based, is a small seaside town with cracking reef breaks, shonky points, and dredging beach breaks (when its on). We have a small surf population, and why the hell should we have to do a 3 hour journey just for wax. Why miss a surf because your leash snapped?

Surfboards... Those of you who know me, will be well aware of my enthusiasm for weirdsurf boards. Through the winter Swanage town bay can get a heavy beach break which lends its self to finless alaias, and simmons ish foamies. These boards can take a kicking, dont cost much, and can slot into the dredging close outs. Over on the reefs, they can turn the days that are normally too small and shallow, where the rocks will have your expensive fins off... into a playful sessions of glides and slides without fear of dinging up your glass board.

What's more they are dead light, easily thrown into the car, and great for the kids or girlfriend to play on. I always throw a small foamie in the car when heading for a surf. free your mind, and your arse will follow.

40th birthday burts at Dorchester

Centre pages of "surf" magazine, the uk mag, now long gone. Circa 1999 ish.
That is 9'2" longboard, tail sunk and half submerged, setting up for the tube. 

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