Magic Beans.

Magic Beans.

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Dont buy these unless you know what you are doing.

We use these to allow folk to top up an order or settle a bill... no one actually gets any real magic beans.

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Ross the Boss - Edinburgh
What a good website! Funny! Good quality stuff too, cheers!
Desert Yeti - Western Colonies
They really work!
Mad John - London
I cannot praise Charlie's magic beans enough! Although, I didn't listen to his advice and thought they were suppositories! As they are magic, and I have a well balanced and high fibre diet, I am now firing Surly bike parts out after very meal (and they have sharp edges). Charlie, thanks mate, I'm now building wheels at home and selling them on EBay! They only come in brown though!
The Russian Dude - Devob
What a cool and groovy bunch of kids. Ordered a single speed conversion kit over the phone. Loads of top info and great service. Didn't get any magic beans but will get some soon no doubt - heh dudes?