Jeff Jones Aluminium H-Bar Loop Handlebars

Jeff Jones Aluminium H-Bar Loop Handlebars

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Charlies says... these are the best bars for many things. The fact they are stock spec on some Surly bikes screams volumes. Where are the 660mm version? Well the 710mm bars have a cut mark if you want to cut them doen to 660mm, so no need for the 660s now.

The new “Loop” H-Bar has the same hand, stem and brake lever position as the original H-Bar but the cross bar sweeps forward to allow the levers to go behind the cross bar instead of in front. This gives longer uninterrupted hand positions and will allow trigger and grip-type shifters to fit on the rearward extensions (unlike the original H-bar). The continuous front loop of the bar enhances stiffness and is good for additional aero hand positions and mounting lights, GPS devices etc. Comfort and power and an impressive weight. With the levers in the optimum position the rider is superbly placed for fast riding while still enjoying all the hand positions available. The rearward extensions allow extra leverage and a wider hand position - be it for comfort or power.

There is also the "Cut Loop" where the front of the loop has been cut away.

These bars are for a 31.8 stem. they now have a bulge at 31.8mm, and no shim.

Compatible with; Singlespeeds, Trigger shifters, Gripshift, Rohloff and Thumb-shifters

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Very sorry but due to the dimensions being over 60cm, or rather due to the stupid limitation of Air Mail, we have to send these via courier and this can costs the same as a sending a frame!

In Europe you need to choose the "frames/forks/wheels/racks" option at checkout
Outside of Europe please email us and we can get a quote. For example New Zealand costs around £44.00

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JimmiXS - New York
HiBpMr I tried spamming you with rubbish, but charlie has edited the review to simply read. JIMMIXS IS A DICK"
Kev Nicholls - The Yorkshire Dales
Hesitated buying these bars and ESI grips for many months, Big mistake; their awesome, they have transformed my Moonlander. If your in the market for a comfortable,responsive mile munching bar get these; you won't be disappointed, oh, and superb customer service from CTBM. MANY THANKS😀
Shaggy Will - Bristol
These bars are the bollocks! £150 for aluminium bars? Yeah, yeah, shut up and buy them and thank me later. Be prepared for your friends to take the mickey though. The only downside if you care about that sort of thing. Have put these on everything from my road bike to my enduro bike, transforms everything into something better than whatever it was before. If you're not an arsehole Charlie might put some stickers in the box
Nick Porter - Wiltshire
Without a doubt the best bars that I have used on any MTB. And I have tried a few! great control and comfort. I have used these on a Genesis Tarn frame/3" 27+ tires/1x11 XT. Much better than the three bars that I have tried before - no having to save up to get another pair for my other MTB! Yes they look a bit cooky - but they will improve your control and make your hands and wrists love you!

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