Fat Bikes

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What's this fat biking like....?
Well words can describe the ride (and I end up whittering on " It is a lot more fun than the chubby and fuggly looks suggest. Probably a bit like frollocking with Hattie Jacques (pronounced: Jakes), its wrong, but it would be a right giggle...", but nothing beats trying one yourself. I have a demo single speed pugsley for you to try.

The 12 Stages of Fat Biking

By Charlie The Bikemonger
  1. Fat Curious Phase:  See pictures of fat bikes, which stimulate fatbike-brain-worms to niggle away at your brain until you just have to actually get a ride on one.
  2. Discovery Phase: Throw your leg over a fatbike and be pleasantly surprised. This feeds the brainworm until its powerful enough to take control of your wallet.
  3. Buying Phase: you now wont a fat bike
  4. Disinformation Phase: Lying to your wife about the true cost of the fat bike phase: it’s ok we all do it.
  5. Getting To Know You Phase... Get yourself stronger and proving that fat bikes are best by beating geared folk up and down hill.
  6. Modification Phase: where you just have to tweak the spec for really specific condition, even though it will be fine without the mods. There is a sub-phase of 7.1 called “bloody purple anodising phase”, but we won’t go there.
  7. Beard Phase: you will now have a beard.
  8. One Love Phase... Ignore your other bikes
  9. Evangelist Phase... Become a fat bike evangelist and bang on about it on internet forums. Get angry at people who refuse to accept your offer of a ride on your fat bike. Moan about how skinny tyres destroy the trails. Heckle people whose bikes make them look fat, rather than thin.
  10. Crusading Phase. Take the fat bike battle to the normal bike heathens by racing fat bikes in normal races.
  11. Sloppy Emulators Phase: complaint about all mainstream brands building fat bikes, all the new people... “They are nothing more than sloppy emulators at best, who are all these new people, they weren’t there when it was cool, he doesn’t even know what an endomorph is FFS”.
  12. Getting Over It Phase: Get over it, and quietly ride your fatbike while quietly mumbling it isn’t like it used to be.
That lot can take ten years or ten weeks.