The Dorset Gravel Dash is an award winning event. You have two options:

  • 100: that is 100 miles of Dorset countryside in one day
  • 50:50: this is the same route over two days with a night out in the woods, where we supply lots and lots of really good food: goats and deer, and great vegetarian food too. There is also lots of beer.
Entry is now open, places are limited, so get on it. And hey please don't worry about doing the event on your own. Half the people arrive solo, and soon hook into a small friendly peleton rolling at their pace, and that can be "steady as she goes" or "stop at most pubs and cake shops" pace. attended a few years ago…. And you can read about it here…

Plus on the Friday evening, legendary round the world cyclist Markus Stitz is giving an engaging account of a bikepacking journey less ordinary, presented with pictures, videos and stories from the road, sometimes tragic, most times funny.