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Broadcast Bikes 
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In addition to our usual bike shop business we offer our knowledge and bicycles to the media industry.

Our services include:
  • Bicycle props: any type of bike from any era is available.
  • Costume: specialist cycle clothing.
  • Extras: we can supply any number of experienced cyclists, in any style.
  • Cycling production consultant: making sure your show/advert looks realistic and correct, and meets advertising clearance requirements. 
  • Location consultancy: Dorset (where we are based) is riddled with excellent film locations, and our detailed local knowledge can get you to the best spots.

Experience: before the bike shop my previous life was in advertising and marketing, where I worked on TV advert shoots, planning and legal/clearance. Broadcast Bikes has successfully worked with Channel 5, Visit England, BBC, and european production companies. And in winter 2016 we can add BBC's "Escape to the Country" to the list.

Why do you need Broadcast Bikes? When you are portraying bicycles in the press, TV or film, you need to present the bikes correctly. You see 43% of the population own or have access to a bike, and over 5 million people cycle three of more times a week. In other words your audience contains many cyclists. Cyclists by nature can often be somewhat picky / nerdy about bicycles. So if you portray a cyclist in the wrong style, quality or era of bike, perhaps with the forks the wrong way round, using the wrong terminology, with a helmet fitted incorrectly.... Your film, show or advert will not only be fooling no one, it also erodes credibility. In a drama it can be as damaging as getting the boom in the shot.

Visit England - Ride TV advert.

The two pictures below illustrate how you can easily get it wrong. To the untrained eye they can appear OK, however the helmet is the wrong way round, and the forks on the bike are too. Both would be considered dangerous and would not pass TV advertising clearance.

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