Ampubutter 100ml Vegan

Ampubutter 100ml Vegan

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Skin Preparation for Amputees

Antibacterial, Antiperspirant Anti- Odour, Sore Reducing, Wound Healing & Skin Moisturising

Skin Soothing fast acting one stop skin preparation for the residual limb.

Only needs to be applied twice a day for immediate relief from itchy sore skin.

Skin stays dry depleting bacterial build up.

Q: So how does it work?

A: Gently massage on to your residual limb. You'll notice how easily the skin absorbs Ampubutter. Once applied your skin is immediately protected. Ampubutter is 100% natural. We use time tested antibacterial oils, topical pain relief and Cocoa to moisturise your skin. Our special combination of Vegetable Glycerine and natural oils help take the moisture to the bottom layers of the dermis, encouraging new healthy skin and with its distributed layer of soy; protects your skin from rubbing and friction.

Here's what Military In Step ( in partnership with the US Army) advices to their amputees:

* Vaseline or petroleum-based lotions degrade some types of prosthetic liners.

* If needed, applying an antiperspirant roll-on deodorant to the residual limb can help you control odour and perspiration. Do not apply antiperspirant to any open area.

Further Advice

MSD Manual, who advice Doctors, Students and consumers, alike give this guidance:

“Preventing infections

The socket of the prosthesis creates an airtight, warm, damp, contained space where the person’s natural body oils and sweat collect: an environment that encourages the growth of bacteria and development of infection. Damp skin tends to break down, giving bacteria easy entry into the body. As a result, infections may spread.

Signs of infection include reddened skin, sores, a discharge of pus, tender spots, blisters, and other skin abnormalities or rashes. A bad odour may indicate infection or poor hygiene. Bacterial infections may begin as a pimple or painful red area. However, they can form a pocket of pus (an abscess, similar to a boil) or lead to a spreading infection (such as cellulitis) or to impetigo (an itchy, scabby rash). Bacterial infections may cause fever and a general feeling of illness.

For people with diabetes, monitoring and controlling their blood sugar level as instructed by their doctor helps maintain blood flow to the skin and thus keep it healthy.

All and any sign of infection should be evaluated promptly by a health care practitioner. The following symptoms require immediate evaluation to prevent infection from becoming life threatening:

If people who wear a prosthesis think that they have a bacterial infection, they should see a health care practitioner immediately. Treatment often requires drugs, applied topically or taken by mouth.

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