Olive The Dog and Charlie "keeping" the shop. 

We have a real world shop located at:

5 Queen's Rd Swanage, Dorset County BH19 2EQ, UK
Tel: 01929 475 833
It's a frequently hectic little shop with a sofa and fresh coffee. Its also only a stones throw from the beach, and a few miles from The Square & Compass (the best pub in the world) and 50m from The Black Swan which is great for food - check out the partridge and chestnut casserole.
Just about everything in our webshop is available at our High Street shop - the main exception being some frames and complete bikes. You are also welcome to pick up any online purchases direct from the shop


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Swanage is a great area, great pubs, big hills, lovely beaches. Its also great for mountainbiking and road too. Here are some handy links for maps of the local trails

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 Longbike, longboard, long hair. Outside the old shop

Who is this guy...?

I'm a die hard cyclist (try hard not to die, almost fail occasionally) located on the south coast in Dorset (UK), however people seem to think I came from Kent - I hear them mutter it under their breath when I cycle past?

But rest assured I know my subject. I have been singlespeeding since 1999, and riding bikes offroad since 1979. I have placed in the top 100 ish at the Single Speed World Championships on two occasions, plus a top 40 finish at the National Champs. I'm not blowing my trumpet here - just wanna illustrate that I'm like you, a regular passionate cyclist who will never win a race.

What’s more I invented the ferociously easy going sport of orienBEERing (checkpints, not checkpoints) and the Clunker Classic (a downhill race with no mountainbikes, just old and/or rubbish bikes). The clunker was conceived so that I could win a race once in my life. Over a decade of clunkers have to come to pass with my best performance being a third place.