45Nrth Japanther MTB 2-Bolt Cycling Shoe 2016 - size 36 and 40 only
45Nrth Japanther MTB 2-Bolt Cycling Shoe 2016 - size 36 and 40 only
45Nrth Japanther MTB 2-Bolt Cycling Shoe 2016 - size 36 and 40 only
45Nrth Japanther MTB 2-Bolt Cycling Shoe 2016 - size 36 and 40 only
45Nrth Japanther MTB 2-Bolt Cycling Shoe 2016 - size 36 and 40 only

45Nrth Japanther MTB 2-Bolt Cycling Shoe 2016 - size 36 and 40 only

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Charlie says

A total redesign on last year, with any issues firmly ironed out...

For 2016 you get two adjustable ankle cuffs to keep the  water out. The zip is now at a groovy angle for amuch longer life. the guys at YKK helped on that one. There are two versions: MTB 2-bolt spd , and 3-bolt road (elsewhere on this website). The name is new too, and its a good name.

The tempature rating is damned handy in the UK. Don't dismiss these as an artic expedition boot (they are elsewhere in the range), rated at -3c and above, these are the ideal UK winter commuting and riding boot. Hey, evven on the south coast we see -3c in the mornings.

Sizing: they size up fairly normally, a touch on the smaller side. So our advice is to go up a size to allow for nice warm winter socks. We have found this approach more consistent for sizing than the 45NRTH size chart

45nrth say...

Designed specifically for cool and wet conditions, Japanther provides a high level of water resistance, moisture regulation and comfort in a performance cycling shoe. Constructed with a waterproof membrane and rubberized shell that extends above the ankle, Japanther delivers unrivaled weather protection in the wettest and muddiest of conditions.
Waterproof-breathable membrane for moisture control, adjustable ankle diameter for better fit and protection, water-resistant zipper, anti-slip outsole, 2-bolt SPD and 3-bolt road versions
Rubberized textile, stretch poly, durable polyurethane mudguard
Waffled foam to trap heat, reflective aluminum, wool felt, sculpted for arch support
Real rubber, anti-slip micro-glass filament lugs (SPD MTN version); nylon bumpers on toe and heel (ROAD version)
Fiberglass-injected nylon with high impact resistance
Cord lace inner closure, #5 zippered outer closure with water-resistant coating
Mens wide 36–50 (no size 49), full sizes only
Performance last designed for rigorous training and competition positions the foot for optimal energy transfer, with a roomy forefoot that provides comfort for longer rides.
25°F (-3°C) – 45°F (7°C)

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John S - London
Well... 4.5 stars when they could almost scrape for a five! I'll cut to the chase and give you the facts... With some of my usual flamboyant waffle: Charlie... Awesome! Talked me into these as opposed to the Wolvhammer as, due to illness, my winter riding will be quite limited and these were the more appropriate option. Talked himself out of the extra £80. Me... Freakazoid with massive long and wide feet and suffer a nightmare to find summer cycle shoes let alone winter ones aka a combo of summer shoe, sealskinz socks, plastic bags and over shoes to stop my feet freezing. The shoes... OMG these are a thing of beauty, well made and designed by passionate people, toasty warm, great lining inside and it looks to be a well designed heel and Achilles area that should not wear out fast. For the EU size 50 I found myself in awe that they were indeed wide and long enough (I reckon a tad longer than the Shimano EU 50 shoes that I own). The only issue is as follows... The zip has been redesigned and is a tight old fit to get the last little bit done up. They do go on with relative ease when your foot's in the right position but not always achievable if bending the wrong way, trying to fight the belly after a heavy nights BBQing and drinking (hey, I'm getting old and like the good things ok?!) or engaging muscles for balance in said shoe whilst doing it up! Needs a few mm more material for it to be easy which could affect the water tight seal. Don't let this put you off as a) they're under warranty if something goes wrong, b) Charlie quickly re iterated that they're under warranty without prompting and c) you check out any online review for customers warranty problems with 45Nrth and they're pretty damned awesome... As is the Monger no doubt! Last thing re the Bikemonger experience... I was chatting to him yesterday afternoon ish and they arrived at nine am today in spite of the fact that Charlie knew I'm not riding at the mo and wasn't in a rush.... Bloody nice chap! NOTE: in the interest of transparency I should tell you that this is an open and unbiased review and Charlie did not provide these for free (he's gotta pay the rent man) but were paid for with my own sheckles after Charlie answered the phone to the glazed eyed compulsive shopaholic mad man that is me! But they are great boots. Cheers Charlie
Neal - Dorset and Iceland
Way good. I went 2 sizes up for thick sock toastiness. Laces, Velcro, zip, more Velcro. You get used to it. They are totally waterproof. Like wading-in-Icelandic-streams waterproof. The zip feels very tight, but after a few off/ons it loosens up just nice. Super lightweight too.