PDW Dios Thronous™ saddle. Portland Design Works
PDW Dios Thronous™ saddle. Portland Design Works

PDW Dios Thronous™ saddle. Portland Design Works

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Charlie says... you know krocs, those groovy rubbery clogs that everyone loves.... imagine a crazy world where cyclists are considered equal, and they use the same materialto make saddles. Well I can tell you such a place does exist, its called Portland (Oregon USA, not Dorset UK) and these saddles are real. Real comfy, very groovy.

 And so it came to pass that the Deities of the Daily Ride created a saddle of EVA foam that was both waterproof and scuffproof and they dubbed this saddle Dios Thronous. And the people rejoiced that their backsides would be both comfortable and dry until the end of Time.

Durable injection-molded EVA foam
Waterproof: leave it in the rain, wipe it off, and ride
295 grams (10.4 oz)
283mm (11.125) long
133mm (5.25) wide
Steel rails

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    Portland Design Works
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Luke - Devon
I love these saddles, I have them on all my bikes. Very very comfy, no need for padded shirts.They are especially great on an MTB as the edges are soft so you don't get those inner thigh bruises from lots of cornering/hangin off the back. Also a bit narrower than most saddles which is good. Bonus is that they don't scuff or tear because they are closed cell foam so no issues with getting wet and being a sponge like normal padded saddles. I have bent the saddle rails on these but I am a bit of a unit..