Cycle Insurance


... and they really want bikes... and no one can be relied upon to stop them... You have to watch this vdeo.

9 great ways to protect yourself from bicycle theft.

1. Buy the best approved lock money can buy: because the thief will see a tough job ahead of him, and move to a softer target.
2. Choose a good location. Look for CCTV, well-lit areas, or take it in the pub with you.
3. Lock your bike to something secure
4. Smart and efficient locking: lock the frame down, and use additional locks to secure the wheels, and saddle.
5. Two different locks are better than one
6. Remove accessories
7. Be smart with Strava: On strava you can tell the thief what bike you have, where you live, and even that you are too tired after 110 miles to put up a fight. Use the setting that protects your start and end locations. Or turn Strava on when you are a few miles from home.
8. At home too: You see that chart above, Burglars want your bike. So lock it up at home. Dont get followed home. In the kitchen is better than in the garage.
9. Insure it. Hey, if all of the above does not work, and sometimes nothing will stop a determined thief, make sure you can replace it. Below you will find a link to Cycle insurance companies. Cover starts from less than the price of a good Chinese takeaway. Make a note of your frame number, and photograph the bike too. Keep receipts of all the upgrades. 

Cycle Recovery Service...
They also offer a £15 per year cycle recovery service: bike breaks down, they take you to safety. I wouldnt take my motorbike or car out without recovery, so why risk it on a bike? Sound pretty handy doesn't it. Click the Link Below.